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6'8" x 11' Vintage Moroccan Rug

SKU: 20780

  • Size: 6'8" x 11'
  • Color: Red, Blue, Grey, Purple, Pink
  • Stock Number: 20780
  • Vintage Moroccan Rug, Berber Moroccan Rug with Vibrant Postmodern Style. This hand-knotted wool vintage Moroccan rug features an all-over chevron herringbone pattern spread across an abrashed field. The tribal symbols of diamonds, chevrons, and X-shapes present in the central area are usually thought to symbolize womanhood and fertility, while the comb-like format is seen to ward off evil. The columns of crenelated bands along the sides traditionally represent snakes, which are seen as a male motif. In Moroccan rugs, male motifs often appear on the outer portions of the composition, framing and enclosing the female motifs. This presentation can be seen as symbolizing fertility, as well as protection and the sanctuary of the family. This depth of meaning presented in a bold, energetic form is what make Moroccan rugs such as this one such wonderful additions to contemporary interiors. This vintage Moroccan rug would be sure to enliven any space, particularly one inspired by the Bauhaus Movement. Rendered in variegated shades of red, ruby red, scarlet red, raspberry red, wine, coral, gray, greige, lavender, periwinkle, amethyst, cerulean, orange, peach, pale celadon, sand, tan, and beige. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Morocco. Berber Tribes of Morocco.

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