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6'2" x 13'4" Vintage Moroccan Rug

SKU: 74733

  • Size: 6'2" x 13'4" 
  • Colors: Beige, Brown 
  • Stock Number: 74733
  • Vintage Beni Ouarain rugs, like this one, have the ability to connect the nomadic Berber tribe history with todays modern interiors. Woven primarily by the Berber women, these thick and plush piled rugs offer protection against the winter cold in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This vintage Beni Ouarain (Beni Ourain) Moroccan rug was made in the 1940s from 100% sheep wool. An ivory-beige field with black and brown lines creates an overall lozenge pattern that can perfectly tie together an eclectic home decor. Featuring tribal motifs enclosed in the diamonds, this rug also serves as an amulet function. The Berber women incorporate design elements from their personal experience into the rugs designs. The symbols are usually references to events and aspects of their daily life such as beliefs, birth, fertility, nature, femininity, life and spirituality. Some believed that the rugs could even ward off evil spirits so naturally, they incorporated designs such as diamonds and lucky charms to ward off the evil spirits and bring luck, prosperity and protection. With its soft and deep pile, this Moroccan rug is just what you want under your feet no matter the temperature!

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